Daily Lessons in Truth

What are daily lessons in truth?

Daily lessons in truth are little tidbits to focus on that you can think about during the day to help you realize who you are or why you are really here.  They are brief but significant spiritual truths that have great deep meaning for our souls.  You can attempt to master them to find a deeper meaning in your life and how you serve others, how you share knowledge, or how to love more deeply.

Today’s thought is spiritual truth #15.

Affectation is the ridiculous effort of the ignorant to appear wise, the attempt of the barren soul to appear rich.

We should all realize in what way we are rich.  It has nothing to do with money or items.  Those objects are fine to have but whether you possess them or not really has nothing to do with you happiness, the joy that you feel in your life.

There is a higher power and it is through this power that we feel connected and rich.